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Elevate your spirits and give them that "Top Shelf" look with Gerstner's Illuminated Riser. It’s that Vegas look any good poker night needs, and it’ll make your home bar memorable. The LED lights make the shelves and the glass bottles glow. You can choose a particular color, maybe your home team's color, or you can select one of the 24 pre-programmed patterns and enjoy a sort of Aurora Borealis effect as it turns seamlessly from one hue to the next. All you Mad Men and Women out there, this looks nice on the shelf in your corner office, too. It's a classy way to display those fine spirits you toast signing that big deal or winning the big case with.

Available in two foot (model 2400) and four foot (model 4800) lengths.

Minimum order 10-pieces.
Overall Dimensions 24"Wide x 8-1/2"Tall x 9"Deep

2400 Top Shelf - Illuminated Riser

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