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The GI-M24 Oak 3-Drawer Mid-Base extends storage capacity for your special collections or favorite tools, and perfectly complements our GI-T24 Oak 11-Drawer Top Chest.

There are 3 full-width drawers, mounted on friction reducing, molded plastic drawer slides. A Single key locks the front lid of your base keeping valuables and tools safe and secure. During use, the front lid slides under the bottom drawer and out of the way to allow complete access to all drawers.

Chrome plated steel hardware is hefty and durable and adds style to the chest while the side handles allow for portability even when loaded with your favorite items. Constructed of solid red oak and red oak veneers, the "Large Base" will protect your favorite tools from rust and moisture. The sturdy tongue and groove joinery highlights the beauty of hardwood construction and the quality of workmanship. 

The Gerstner International M-24 Oak 3-Drawer Mid-Base offers a wide range of versatile uses, making it an ideal storage solution for various hobbies, collections, and specialized items. Some of the potential usages include:

Hobby Tool Storage: The mid-base provides a dedicated space to organize and store hobby tools such as woodworking tools, model-making supplies, crafting materials, and more. The multiple drawers allow for easy categorization and quick access to the tools you need.

Knife Collections: For enthusiasts and collectors of knives, whether they're culinary, decorative, or specialized, the M-24 Mid-Base provides a secure and organized place to showcase and store these valuable pieces. The locking mechanism ensures the safety of your collection.

Small Collectibles: Whether you collect coins, stamps, miniatures, or other small items, the M-24 Mid-Base's drawers offer a controlled environment to keep your collection organized and protected from dust and damage.

Jewelry Storage: The base is an excellent option for storing jewelry pieces, especially for those who want to keep their jewelry separate and easily accessible. The drawers' compartments help prevent tangling and scratching of delicate pieces.

Craft Supplies: If you're into various crafts, from sewing to painting, the M-24 Mid-Base can house your supplies neatly. Its drawers accommodate small items like beads, threads, paints, and brushes, keeping your creative tools within arm's reach.

Watch Collections: Collectors of watches can use the base to display and store their timepieces. The compartments within the drawers can accommodate different watch sizes and styles.

Art Supplies: Artists can benefit from the organized storage the base provides for art supplies like pencils, brushes, paints, and other materials essential for their creative endeavors.

Small Electronics and Gadgets: For tech enthusiasts, the base can serve as a secure storage space for small electronics, gadgets, cables, and accessories, preventing clutter and damage.

Photography Equipment: Photographers can utilize the base to organize and protect camera accessories such as lenses, memory cards, batteries, and more.

Special Collections: The base can cater to various other special collections, such as antique coins, vintage postcards, rare stamps, and more, keeping them well-preserved and easily accessible.

The Gerstner International M-24 Oak 3-Drawer Mid-Base's thoughtful design, secure locking, durable construction, and organized storage options make it an adaptable solution for a wide range of uses. Its ability to enhance the organization and protection of valuable items and hobby-related tools makes it a valuable addition to any hobbyist's or collector's space.


UPC Code 697647152423
Overall Dimensions 25-1/2" Wide x 9" Tall x 11-1/4" Deep
Top Shelf 24-1/2" Wide x 10-7/8" Deep
Drawer Dimensions (ID) (2) 23-1/4" Wide x 1-1/4" Tall x 8" Deep (1) 23-1/4" Wide x 2-5/8" Tall x 8" Deep
Product Weight 22 lbs.

GI-M24 Oak 3-Drawer Mid-Base