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1600-DIY kit

1600-DIY kit

1600-DIY kit

1600-DIY kit

1600-DIY kit

1600-DIY Kit Instructions

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You could sit on your couch, watch some TV and scroll through your phone again… or you could dive into a good project. And this is a really good project to get stuck into. What we learned from over 100 years in the business; woodworking is a great stress reliever. It improves dexterity, stimulates imagination and aids in tactile awareness. Besides, building something with your own two hands that is both functional and great looking leaves you with a wonderful sense of accomplishment. It feels good to be productive.

The 1600 DIY Kit can be accomplished in a weekend by novice or skilled makers, because of the pre-machined joinery cut in all the parts. Less than 20 steps are required to complete the tote case, but the personal touches that can be added are limitless.

The 1600 Tote Case is a versatile piece, which is why it makes such a great DIY project. You won’t just build it and then let it collect dust, it’ll be handy when it’s done. You can use the finished piece for carting around your most delicate precision tools or collectors items—the things you can’t just leave in with your regular tool chest. It’s compact enough to tuck away on a boat or RV, yet big enough for your go-to tools. The hardwood material pulls damaging moisture away from the contents, so your tools will remain rust-free and ready to go.

This is quite a thoughtful gift, especially as something to do together—a project for someone to share with their kids or grandchildren. The finished product also makes a memorable gift for newlyweds or new homeowners. Just put a starter set of tools in it and a personalized nameplate on it and you’ll have made a big statement out of something they can use for many years to come. You could use the Gerstner crafted 1600 Tote as a gift, but what makes the DIY Kit doubly special in gifting is that you made it yourself.

Overall Dimensions 16" Wide x 5-3/4" Tall x 8" Deep
Top Compartment 15" Wide x 4-3/4" Tall x 7" Deep
Removable Tray 13-7/8" Wide x 1" Tall x 4" Deep
Product Weight 6 lbs.

1600 Tote Case - DIY Kit

  • $345.00

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