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1600-DIY kit

1600-DIY kit

1600-DIY kit

1600-DIY Kit Instructions

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Ever wanted to make your own Gerstner Base?

Now is your chance to try with a versatile 4-drawer DIY kit base. If you’re running out of room in your Journeyman chest (or even the older 52, 62, 72 and 82 Journeyman chests), add this B2704 base for 50% more storage. It also fits neatly under a computer or a sewing machine, a bench drill press, books, a collection on display… for secure, locking drawer storage that won’t take up extra room on your desk or workbench. Handsome enough for the home office; durable for years in the workshop. We have pre-machined the parts for this DIY base so the project can be accomplished in a weekend, whether you’re an amateur or a pro. Once assembled, sand and finish the base to your own taste—maybe stain it to match your existing furniture or create something totally unique.

This DIY Kit is a great way to treat yourself, but it’s also a unique gift idea. Use this project to gift someone family bonding time, like the chance to build something together with their grandkids.

The Journeyman 4-Drawer Kit Base includes:

  • Machined wood parts for the base and drawers
  • Lock, knobs, corners and their associated screws
  • 6 pieces of felt for the drawers and the top of the chest
  • Detailed instructions on how to glue and assemble the base and drawers
Overall Dimensions 27-3/8"Wide x 9-1/4" Tall x 11-1/4"Deep
Top Shelf 26-1/4" Wide x 10-3/4" Deep
Drawer Dimensions (ID) (3) – 8-5/8" x 2-1/8" x 8" | (1) – 25-5/8" x 3" x 8"
Product Weight 22 lbs.

B2704 Journeyman Base – DIY Kit

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